How to live well? Some high-yield tips!

Live your life like you mean it!

What life are we living? A robotic one, where companies operate people and give them the salary as a fuel? And what do we make of that money? We pay our fee, rent, and bills. The irony is that we work our asses off to earn a handful of money and end up compromising our health and then spend all this money again paying hospital bills. No one wants that! This will continue as a vicious cycle unless we make efforts to live a healthy life.  So, let’s think out of the box and look for ways to live a healthy, long life so you can enjoy all the colors and pleasures.

Let’s beat the ass off of all the diseases and worries by making just a few simple changes in your life!


Let’s begin with the biggest culprit of all times; smoking! If you’re a smoker, quit it immediately. Throw away your cigarette and smash it under your foot! Cigarette smoke damages your airways and its chronic use lead to conditions like emphysema and bronchitis. This has an overall effect on the gaseous exchange and oxygenation of blood in the lungs. Our tissues live on oxygen. If your blood does not have enough oxygen to transport to tissues, then you’re smart enough to know what would happen next!


Eating healthy is all about maintaining a balance. You have to make sure that you get all the essential nutrients without having anything in excess. A healthy balanced diet has ideal proportions of proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. So, make sure that you get your perfect share of fruits, vegetables, meats, and grains. Avoid high fat and cholesterol diet to avoid atherosclerosis and maintain healthy blood circulation

Exercise Regularly

“Diabetes and hypertension do not run in your family. The problem is that nobody runs in your family!”

Exercise is the key! When you achieve your daily exercise target, your metabolism boosts up, tissues’ oxygen and energy utilization become efficient, and your body flushes out its toxins. Even if you manage to run 10,000 steps daily, you can save yourself from almost 50 different types of cancers! Not only this, regular exercise is the most effective, natural and cost-free way to balance your blood pressure, blood glucose levels, increase your bone strength and maintain body weight.

A good exercise can also elevate your mood. So, what’s your mood?


Healthy body weight is the one having normal BMI. If your Body Mass Index is within normal limits, you are healthier than most of the individuals out there.

Having a healthy body weight saves you from developing many health problems, diabetes, and hypertension being on the top of the list. As you move towards obesity, the risk of such diseases including cardiovascular problems increase which decreases the quality of your life and eventually your lifespan. So, if you want to live longer, maintain your normal BMI.