All you need to know about a Ketogenic Diet

If you’re planning to take an innovative approach towards a healthier and optimized lifestyle, ketogenic diet might be a good choice. However, like all others, keto diet also has certain pros and cons. So, why not get some professional’s guidance?

What do we mean by Keto diet?

 Ketogenic diet, aka keto diet, is also referred to as a low carbohydrate, high fat diet. Don’t get it completely? Let’s dive into its detail.

Normally, glucose is the easiest source of energy utilized by our body. All our major organs rely on it for proper functioning. But, where does this glucose comes from? It’s the carbohydrates, THE REAL CULPRIT! High carbohydrate intake produces glucose and its regulator, insulin. Insulin ensures glucose uptake by the body tissues and spares the fat which, when in large amounts, wreaks havoc to your body and metabolism.

All this mechanism is reversed when you take low carbohydrate diet i.e. keto diet. In cases of carbohydrate depletion, your body enters the state of ketosis in which it produces ketone bodies by breaking down the fat in the liver. Hence, keto diet aims at breaking down the stored fat as well as prevent its further storage by reducing the glucose supply to the body.

Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of shifting to ketogenic diet.

Advantages of Keto diet

Keto diet is a wonder diet in a number of ways.

1. It reduces fat storage

We’ve already dug deep into this before. Keto diet increases the breakdown of fat in the liver to produce ketone bodies which are utilized for energy. A resultant decrease in serum LDL and triglycerides consequently improves blood pressure.

2. It Increases thermogenesis

Thermogenesis is the biological term used for heat production the body which comes from fat breakdown and increases metabolism. Higher the metabolic rate, healthier will be your body!

3. It reduces weight, increases lean muscle mass and improves body shape

By burning down the extra fat, keto diet does wonders to the lean muscle mass and hence the shape of your body. So, all those who are craving for a hot summer body with abs, keto diet is a good to go!

Disadvantages of Keto diet

Keto diet has certain downsides as well which make it difficult to follow.

1. It requires adaptation

Our body has rather an adaptive approach towards our diet. Shifting to keto diet means 1 to 2 weeks of adaptation process to bring your body’s metabolic machinery up to the mark. This period might be an uncomfortable one!

2. It’s a restrictive process, cutting down healthier fiber

Keto diet is indeed a very restrictive way of eating and many of us, especially the foodie ones, might find it difficult to follow. One essential part of diet, fiber, might also be compromised since many fiber rich foods also contain more carbohydrates. This has negative effects on gut health and motility.

3. Its anaerobic energy is not a good source for athletes

Fat breakdown is an anaerobic metabolism which produces much less energy as compared to that of aerobic metabolism i.e. by glucose. Hence, where athletes need very large components of energy, keto diet is not a good source.