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Fitness / 17.12.2018

[ad_1] Being overweight or obese is the culprit of four percent of cancers worldwide, a new study estimates.  Already, two thirds of Americans and more than two billion people worldwide are overweight or obese, and experts only expect those numbers to rise in the coming decades.  Poor diets abound, in the Western world especially, and ascribing to them contributes to risks not only for obesity itself but for seven of the 10 leading causes of death in the US.Now, a global study conducted by Harvard University and Imperial College London...

Fitness / 17.12.2018

[ad_1] Packaging at healthy supermarket Whole Foods contains chemicals linked to cancer, a watchdog investigation into five major US grocers has revealed. Tests on take-out containers used in the hot food and salad counters found that 80 per cent were treated with harmful chemicals called PFAS.PFAS have been linked to liver damage, damage to the immune system and cancer. They are used to treat many industrial items including paper, furniture, carpets and clothing.  A total of 62 percent of take-out containers tested positive for PFAS in the stores studied -...