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Fitness / 17.12.2018

[ad_1] How to live longer is a secret everyone wants to know, but new research has demonstrated that rowing with your partner could lead to a longer life. Couples who become enraged with each other during a disagreement could be at lower risk of ill health and dying early, according to the study. But for this to be effective, you and your other half need to deal with the dispute in the same manner. For example, those who bottle up their anger while their partner lets rip could...

Fitness / 17.12.2018

[ad_1] A couple who were told they would struggle to have children went on to have twins and triplets within the space of two years. Nadia, 29, and Robbie Sherwin, 32 from Dallas, found themselves unable to conceive for a year after they married in 2012.Doctors found Mrs Sherwin had polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and 37 cysts in her ovaries, making it difficult for her to become pregnant.But with the use of an injectable hormone, Mrs Sherwin conceived within a month twice, leaving medics 'dumbfounded'.  ...