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Fitness / 23.12.2018

[ad_1] Type 2 diabetes  is the most common type of diabetes in the UK, and is a condition in which there is too much sugar in the blood.People with the condition can take medication to control it, but it’s also essential to ensure a healthy lifestyle and follow a balanced diet.It’s important to keep diabetes under control, as if left untreated it can lead to health complications involving the heart, nerves, feet, eyes and kidneys.Contrary to what many people think, having diabetes doesn’t mean you can’t consume any...

Fitness / 23.12.2018

[ad_1] Stomach bloating is a common condition that’s affected most people at some point in their lifetime.The condition can make the stomach feel swollen and puffy, and can lead to feeling generally uncomfortable.You could develop a bloated stomach by eating too much food in one go, talking with your mouth full of food, or even by eating certain foods.But if you develop a swollen belly this festive period, after eating a big Christmas dinner, you could relieve stomach pain by doing these exercises.Cardio exercises could help to get...