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Fitness / 28.12.2018

[ad_1] A mother of triplets had to carry two of her babies to full term - even though they died just 16 weeks into her pregnancy.Bernadette Murphy, 29, could not have her two dead sons removed because the third one – James – was still growing healthily. James's brothers did not survive because of a rare condition called twin-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS), which causes deadly problems with the placenta.After the two boys had died, Ms Murphy had to take regular antibiotics to prevent an infection and was told her...

Fitness / 28.12.2018

[ad_1] Surgeons make more mistakes on patients if they are stressed or 'distracted by beeping machines and side conversations'One surgeon's heart activity was tracked and video recorded in the studyExperts found 66% more mistakes were made when he was stressedResearchers warn more measures need to be taken to control stressBy Vanessa Chalmers Health Reporter For Mailonline Published: 04:54 EST, 28 December 2018 | Updated: 05:34 EST, 28 December 2018 Surgeons...