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Fitness / 09.01.2019

[ad_1] Luka Kinard began vaping at 14 years old, right after he entered high school in September 2017.The teenager from High Point, North Carolina, noticed his classmates were using the popular e-cigarette Juul and he wanted to fit in. Within months he was addicted. He vaped an average of four pods a day for nearly a year, both at home and at school. His grades started slipping and he even began selling his clothes to fuel his habit, which cost him $150-a-week. Finally, in summer 2018, the 15-year-old suffered a seizure,...

Fitness / 09.01.2019

[ad_1] A loss of sex drive is a common problem that affects many people at some point in their lifetime, said the NHS. Everybody’s libido is different, and there’s no such thing as a ‘normal’ sex drive, it said. But, a loss of libido may be linked to extra stress and tiredness, or even by an underlying medical condition. You could increase your sex drive by making some small diet swaps. Simply eating more chocolate could help to avoid low libido, it’s been claimed.Eating more chocolate could mimic...