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Fitness / 16.01.2019

[ad_1] Up to 90 per cent of receipts contain cancer-causing chemicals, experts have warned. Receipts which use ink that fade over time are made with 'thermal paper' which contains BPA (bisphenolA).Studies have shown the chemical can lead to hormone-dependent cancers, and has previously been linked to infertility, autism, ADHD, obesity, type 2 diabetes, premature births and early onset of puberty.There are already concerns about the public being exposed to BPA, which is often found in plastics.We should avoid storing receipts in purses, wallets, or cars, according to Professor Nicolás...

Fitness / 16.01.2019

[ad_1] Breast cancer cells could be stopped from spreading if they are turned into FAT cells insteadCancer cells can spread and grow by transitioning into stem-like cells During transition, scientists have been able to coax them into becoming fat cellsThe therapy uses cancer and diabetes drugs which are already approved for use By Vanessa Chalmers Health Reporter For Mailonline Published: 12:54 EST, 15 January 2019 | Updated: 13:32 EST, 15 January 2019 Breast cancer cells...