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Fitness / 17.01.2019

[ad_1] Families are being told to cut their consumption of red meat and sugar by half to improve their health and help save the planet.Scientists say the adoption of a ‘planetary health diet’ is vital to feed the world’s booming population without destroying the environment.The radical plan would mean people eating just 7g of pork a day, 7g of beef or lamb and 28g of fish – the equivalent of a quarter of a rasher of bacon, a 16th of a burger and two-thirds of a fish finger.Experts...

Fitness / 17.01.2019

[ad_1] Just eight percent of antibiotic prescriptions in 2016 were clearly justified, according to a new study of privately-insured Americans. The rest were dubious - 23 percent were unnecessary, 36 percent were possibly necessary, and 28 percent were made without a documented diagnosis. In fact, according to the latest data in 2016, one in six adults and one in 10 children received an unnecessary prescription at least once. Lead author Kao-Ping Chua of the University of Michigan warns this is likely a staggering underestimate of the true rate of over-prescribing which...