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Fitness / 25.01.2019

[ad_1] Why some people can eat what they like and never gain weight: Being thin IS in your DNA, study saysCambridge scientists analysed DNA of 14,000 participants of varying weightsGenetic differences suggest slim people are not just 'morally superior'Future studies could pinpoint these genes in order to help overweight peopleBy Victoria Allen Science Correspondent For The Daily Mail Published: 14:00 EST, 24 January 2019 | Updated: 16:07 EST, 24 January 2019 For those...

Fitness / 25.01.2019

[ad_1] A third person has contracted a penicillin-resistant infection after drinking raw milk from Pennsylvania.The unidentified New Yorker fell ill after buying the milk from Miller’s Biodiversity Farm in Quarryville, Pennsylvania, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said in a statement released on Wednesday. They were diagnosed with brucellosis, caused by bacteria that is found in cattle and can be pass into milk if it is not pasteurized. The two other people infected since September 2017 from last year are from Texas and a second New Yorker. Health officials...

Fitness / 24.01.2019

[ad_1] Men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer early can expect to live for longer than those without the disease, new figures show.Those diagnosed at stage one had survival rates that were 0.5 per cent higher than those of the general population.Women diagnosed with breast cancer and all adults with skin cancer have the same chance of being alive a year later if the disease is caught at the earliest opportunity, the data shows. ...